The content of the messages is largely up to you – you want to invite prospects to events or even attempt to generate an inbound call. Post regularly: Find a balance between inactivity and hyperactivity which will likely  get you unfollowed or blocked by posting regularly, as often as a few times a week or even daily, but at least monthly or so. To further grow towards 10k followers, Icecat will continue sharing engaging content, share job postings, and respond to posts where Icecat is tagged or commented. Furthermore, relevant hashtags can be crucial to increase the visibility of the posts further. However, in general, such posts generate lower engagement. This will make your account bad, and it will arouse suspicion that you haven’t bought authentic engagement.

It’s a simple thing. Use keywords and hashtags: People can and do find you by search terms and hashtags, so be sure to use them, or you’ll remain invisible. Aside from that, you can use it to automate other social media networks, including; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Quora, among others. The first portfolio companies include a productivity-optimized accommodation platform for professionals. Work Sleep Live and social live video platform Speakeasy, with others on the way – watch this space! You’ve probably heard it a dozen times before, but social media needs to be part of your online strategy. Looking away, wearing sunglasses or a hat that makes your eyes less visible does not work to your advantage. Do not abuse them, though, as you’ll annoy people when you show up in irrelevant results.

I prefer to do this inline, weaving them into the text rather than in a list at the end, which is spammy. Additionally, from the Insights tab, you can set up a list of here Pages to Watch, which gives you information on the performance of other Facebook pages. LinkedIn analytics tool ReportGarden for LinkedIn company pages is specifically designed for agencies that rely on automated data for marketing reports. Next, you can also notify your employees to follow the LinkedIn company page and inform them when a new post is live. If intending to embed a LinkedIn feed, profile, company page on the website in the interest of your business, let’s dive into six easy methods to Integrate LinkedIn into your business website.