They each wore black blazers over red hoodies, pants, and footwear. Koto is a carefree and hyperactive girl who’s looking for a black rabbit to return residence together with her familiars, whereas also trying to find clues that may reunite her with her family. Though usually having the appearance of a polite, refined, and wealthy young lady, she will shapeshift into a raging monster if she turns irritated. A young how grumpy Buddhist monk who looks after Koto and her familiars while waiting for his adopted father and mom, the unique Myōe and Lady Koto, to return. He uses the prayer beads his father had given him alongside the title of Myōe to fight. She is originally a drawing by the unique Myōe.

Yakushimaru had committed suicide upon the demise of his household when the unique Myōe discovered him. However, after his parents left, Myōe detached from his new life and duties, and his sole wish grew to die. Earlier than the original Myōe had left and granted him the title of Myōe, his title was Yakushimaru. Determined to make Yakushimaru a part of their household, the unique Myōe drew him a pomegranate that revived and gave him immortality. Siblings, case and Kurama, to make him sense higher. Yale is, without a doubt, one of the members of the Council of Three. He is, without doubt, one of the members of the Council of Three. The series ends with Tari and Theo working off to play video games together.

Sofia deduces that Theo must return to his cartridge, prompting Masa to find more extreme measures to take action. A, like Koto, is hyperactive, whereas Un, alternatively, is far more reserved. She adores her mom Lady Koto and awaits her return. He is the Yin of the Golden Dragon and is possessed by Yagyuu at the top of the second season, who then uses his powers. She reveals towards the tip of the second season that she had deliberately harmed people. Still, the conflict seemed to have precipitated a change of heart, and she now professes to need to protect and stay with humans, particularly her college students. They take what they’ve got and Luck’s guarantees to deal with Tari.