Rumors about iPhone 15 series indicate it will look similar to the current iPhone 14 models. It is expected to adopt the Dynamic Island from the Pro models.

According to rumors, Apple will include a periscope lens that can allow up to 6x optical zoom without compromising image quality. This is a big improvement from the current digital zoom.

App Library

App Library, introduced in iOS 14 and also added to iPad in iOS 15, is a new way of organizing your iPhone’s apps into categories like Productivity or Games. It’s a helpful feature for users who have multiple home screen pages full of apps that can lead to a cluttered look and also can make it difficult to find apps you want to use.

When you’re in the App Library, you can access any of your downloaded apps by tapping on the smaller icons — and then you can select and launch them as you please. You can also tap on the category name to view a list of apps within that category. And the app suggestions you see are intelligently recommended by Apple based on your usage habits and only on-device machine learning.

There is no setting in the iPhone to disable the App Library, but you can hide your home screen pages to avoid swiping past it as you scroll. That makes it easier to get to the apps you want and also means you can get there more quickly with less right-to-left swiping. If you ever want to re-enable App Library, simply swipe left past all your Home Screen pages to bring it back.

Enhanced Digital Zoom

The telephoto camera in the iPhone 15 Pro series is reportedly getting a periscope lens to enable enhanced digital zoom. This is a big upgrade over the 3x optical zoom on the current iPhone 14 Pro Max model. Apple is likely to limit the periscope zoom to the Pro series because of the internal space needed for this hardware.

Apple is also reportedly adding support for MagSafe wireless charging in the iPhone 15. According to 9to5Mac’s analysis of CAD files, all of the upcoming iPhones will feature this type of connector. This could mean the removal of the Lightning port on all models, which may be a good thing for many people.

Other rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 will introduce USB-C and Thunderbolt compatibility. This could open up the phone to faster data transfers and external monitor support like Samsung’s DeX mode. This could be a significant change for those who have been using older iPhones to connect to their computers and other devices. Also, the rumor mill suggests that the Dynamic Island button on all models will be replaced by a solid-state power and volume button similar to those on the Macbook. This will supposedly make the iPhone 15 more durable and give it a sleeker look.

Camera Zoom Capabilities

While it may not be the most innovative feature, the iPhone 15 series is expected to offer a big upgrade to its camera zoom capabilities. According to rumors, Apple will be introducing a new periscope lens that can support mau iphone 15 up to 5-6X optical zoom. This is a huge jump over the current 3X optical zoom offered by the iPhone 13 Pro. Optical zoom allows users to zoom without compromising on the image quality. Digital zoom, on the other hand, introduces blurriness when zooming in.

According to MacRumors, the periscope lens will be used in the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s upgraded telephoto camera. The upcoming iPhone will also come with a new 48 MP rear camera sensor and improved AI upscaling technology.

However, the periscope camera won’t make its way to the non-Pro iPhone 15 and 16 models. Kuo notes that the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s larger size makes it possible to fit in the new hardware. This is the only model that can benefit from the improved zoom capabilities.

Despite this, Kuo believes that the improved optical zoom capabilities will be introduced to all the Pro models in 2023. This will give Apple an edge over its competitors, including Google and Samsung, who already include up to 10x optical zoom on their flagship phones.