People miss the old days of Tamil movies, and everybody loves a little dose of movie nostalgia every now and then. The old movies are considered some of the best South Indian movies of all time, and there are several reasons behind that.

But before you look to watch classical movies such as AndhaNaal, Kalathurkannamma and much more, you must subscribe to a reputed OTT channel like aha. Read the guide to learn about some of the best classical Tamil movies of all time.

Best Classical Movies

Some of the best classic movies that you can opt to watch on ahaare as follows:


This is one of the most legendary Tamil movies made in 1954 and was directed by S. Balachander. The cast of this movie includes SivajiGanesan, PandariBai, JavarSeetharaman and many more. If you are looking to watch old Tamil movies, this is the movie that you must watch.

In this story, Rajan, a radio engineer, is found killed under some suspicious circumstances. Later, CID officer Sivanandham finds out the truth about the murder and the suspects, including Rajan’s wife and brother.


This is considered one of the most popular and best Tamil movies and also one of thebest South Indian movies. The director of the movie is A. Bhimsingh, and the movie was released in 1960; Kamal Hassan, Gemini Ganesh, and Savitri were part of the cast. This is one of all time classical Tamil movies where you can watch Kamal Hassan during his much younger days.

In the story of the movie, you find a landlord’s son and a farmer’s daughter falling in love with each other, and they marry privately in a temple. As the family members do not accept their love, they are forced to stay separately while their child grows up in an orphanage. This emotional movie makes you understand how society works and what problems usually go through.

Watch Classic Tamil Movies on aha

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